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Designer of Experiences & Interfaces. Illustrator. Wearer of Cat Shirts.

Cat Shirts

Cat Shirts?

I’ve been in the business of visual communication for the past 10+ years. In that time I have worked in a variety of roles as an illustrator, book jacket designer, UI/UX designer, animator and programmer. On the surface these roles seem very different, but at the core they are all about communicating an idea quickly and effectively. That is what I do.

Some of the companies I have brought my talents to are Hasbro, MIT, Harmonix, Farrar Straus and Giroux, Scholastic and Macmillian. While these jobs are very rewarding working with large teams I also enjoy working with smaller start ups like Navitome or Ratdog Games. Regardless of the size or scope of the project I always bring a keen eye and an innate ability to gauge experience from a variety users perspectives.

Wearer of Cat Shirts? What?! It's true, I love them and I wear one almost every day. Yes, you should be jealous.

Rock Band Blitz

Rock Band Blitz


Rock Band Blitz is a different take on the Rock Band franchise favoring standard controllers over the iconic plastic instruments. Having this as an option, I was able to create a wheel style menu system allowing users to hop from the store to their song list in a few seconds as opposed to a linear heriarchical one which took significantly more effort but felt more natural using the guitar. Admittedly This was a bit of a risk since it was so drastically different from the other menu systems in the franchise but through a prototype I constructed in Flash, combined with user testing, it showed great promise. Ultimately the menus were a success leading to that rare occassion where a reviewer actually complimented the menus. Blitz was released on Xbox 360 and PS3 in the summer of 2012.

My role on the project: I was the primary UI and UX designer for the game's menu systems. In addition to this I did light 3D work, scripted UI effects, animated transitions and built the menus using the Harmonix proprietary game engine.

Go Home Dinosaurs

Go Home Dinosaurs

Firehose Games

Go Home Dinosaurs is a fun, light hearted tower defense title with collectable cards and puzzle like elements. Working on this game was a unique experience as we were actively developing the engine for it as we created content. Due to this, tools were almost non-existent and the UI was built completely through scripting and 3DS Max. As difficult as it sometimes was I found working on this project an interesting challenge and it pushed me further into the realm of 3D design within a GUI system.

My role on the project: I was the primary UI designer. In this capacity I designed the logo and all marketing materials, painted 2D textures for the menus, designed and animated 2D characters in 3DS Max, worked with engineers to develop different aspects of the UI systems and cusomized fonts.


Trancendence Origins

The Alchemists / Warner Bros.

Transcendence Origins is a short movie tie in game for mobile platforms centered around matching together strings of images to reform broken memories. As you uncover more, the story progresses through a IM interface where you can unlock one of three different endings depending on how you responded throughout the game. One of the challenges of designing this game was we had to support a wide variety of android devices requireing a robust, truly responsive GUI within the Unity game engine. Ultimately the job was completed and received generally positive reviews.

My role on the project: I was the primary UI designer, UI scripter and effects artist. The project was developed using the Unity game engine with 2DToolkit for the GUI system.



Showcased Clients: MIT, Scholastic, Infrared5 and GSN

I started my career as an illustrator for magazines and advertising. Since then I have moved on to doing more work for games, posters, logos and infographics. I'm primarily a Vector artist these days but I am capable of illustrating in a variety of styles depending on the project and defined style.

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